How to Craft up Your Own Beer and Wine Labels

How to Craft up Your Own Beer and Wine Labels

Making personalized labels has been trending for quite a while now and is unlikely to fade anytime soon. Crafting up your own beer and wine labels ahead of a party, events such as weddings and birthdays, or when gifting a loved one does not only give creative satisfaction but also is a unique way to personalize, connect, and build bonds. So, if you are planning a party and thinking of making your own customized labels, you may find this useful and interesting. This post discusses some interesting ideas of creating your own beer and wine labels and factors to consider before making them.

Ideas to Craft Your Own Beer and Wine Labels

Making wine at home is a ritual that is centuries old; however, crafting your own beer and wine labels is relatively a new trend. The major difference between a manufactured and a homemade label is that in the latter you do not promote a product or give its detailed information; the motto is different. Here are some creative ideas to help you make your own beer and wine labels.

  • If you are gifting a homemade wine bottle to a close one on their birthday, a suitable handwritten message would be a better gesture rather than printing it.

  • The same applies if you are making your own craft beer.

  • Another creative idea is to create a label with a picture of yourself or the concerned person or event, which will truly personalize it and help form good memories for the future.

  • Consider writing relevant content on each bottle to make it more personal. You can also write a bit quirky content if that suits your friends or visitors.

  • If you are making common labels for your wine and beer bottles, it is a good idea to make personalized labels for glasses or one on each table.

  • A typical homemade label format may include a name, flavor, type, bottling date, percentage of alcohol, and a nice “cheers” message.

  • You can choose your own name— something that is relevant to the event, relationship, or friendship.

  • Choose a nice font and your favorite combination of colors.

Factors to Consider When Making Your Own Beer and Wine Labels

While you may be making excellent wine at home and your beer would be chilled and full of froth on the top, there are some important pointers to remember when making labels. Here are some factors you may want to consider when you start making your own beer and wine labels:

  • Choosing the right kind of paper or material for your labels is crucial. The paper you choose should water, frost and moisture-proof.

  • Choose if you want to stick the label onto the broader portion of the bottle, the neck or the cap. There are endless possibilities, and you can make good labels for the cap portion, too.

  • Go through some label templates online if you are not sure of the design, shape, and size.

  • Decide the portion for which you would make labels and determine the label size accordingly.

  • When making handwritten labels, make sure the pen or color you use is permanent ink, non-smudging, and waterproof.

  • You could use materials such as foil, paper, or clean film with a bit of gloss and vinyl or plastic coating.

  • It is a good idea to buy blank labels from a reliable manufacturer or wholesaler and write the content on your own.

  • If you are using old wine or beer bottles, you first carefully have to remove the original labels.

While it is interesting to make your own labels, you may need assistance at some point in time with respect to the information related to the product or the creative aspect. You may even choose to buy blank labels. You can always consult a professional and reliable label manufacturer in this case. Performance Label Company (PLC) specializes provides a wide variety of labels including beer and wine labels for beverage manufacturers, as well as personal events.

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