What Goes Into Selecting the Right Pressure Sensitive Label Guide 101

What Goes Into Selecting the Right Pressure Sensitive Label Guide 101

The label is the first thing noticed by a person on a product. Be it from a business point of view or from a customer’s point of view, labels are important.
There are huge varieties of labels that are being manufactured today. One of the most commonly used types today is the pressure-sensitive labels. As the name suggests, these labels bond to the product with pressure is applied to them. However, you need to consider certain factors while choosing the pressure-sensitive labels. Want to know what are they? Read the following post.

How to Select the Right Pressure Sensitive Label?

To make sure that you select the right type of pressure-sensitive label, you need to take into account the two main stages.

    • 1. Analysis Stage:
      In the analysis stage, you need to understand the whole scenario, which would help you in the selection process of the pressure-sensitive labels. There are 3 steps in the analysis stage:

      • a.Knowing the Container: Before you go on selecting the label, it is important that you understand the container to which the label is to be applied. You should know the material of the container, as well as its shape.
      • b.Knowing the Label Application Process: Now that you know the container, it is come to understanding the application of label – is it in a rotary line or linear? Answer to the following questions will help us identify the label application process, which in turn will enable us to provide you with the best possible pressure-sensitive label:
        • o What is the typical speed of the label applicator?
        • o What is the label application environment?
    • 2.Selection Stage:
      Once your analysis is done, comes the actual process of selecting the right pressure-sensitive label. The following are some important factors to consider:

      • a. Choosing the Face Material: The face material decides the appearance of the label, and can be made from metal foils, films, or papers. The foil labels give a metallic look to the product.
      • b. Choosing the Adhesive: After selecting the face material of the pressure-sensitive label, it is the adhesive that needs to be considered. For this, you need to know the environment with which the product must survive. You can choose between a permanent adhesive and a temporary one.
      • c. Choosing the Finish: Last, yet an important factor to consider – the finish. It helps protect the label in harsh environments. There are three main types of finish from which you can select, such as gloss, semi-gloss, and matte.

So, these were the two important stages that lead you to the right type of pressure-sensitive label for your application requirement. We hope the post was helpful. You can always gain more information on the topic by talking to the experts in the field. When you are done with your research, and ready to buy the labels, always make sure that you source them from experts like PLCTX, which is one of the leading pressure sensitive label manufacturers in the US. The company can provide you wholesale pressure sensitive labels.

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