5 Best Wholesale Custom Sticker Types and Materials

5 Best Wholesale Custom Sticker Types and Materials

Stickers have been used for advertising for several years now. They are affordable and offer the highest level of flexibility when it comes to customization. This is why they never go out of popularity. You will be surprised to know among all forms of advertising materials; customized stickers are often ordered in bulk. This is why many sticker manufacturers offer them at wholesale prices. Have you been wondering what the most ordered wholesale custom stickers are? If that sounds yes, this post is for you. It introduces you to some of the popular wholesale sticker types and the materials used to build them.

Get Introduced to 5 Types of Custom Sticker Types Ordered in Bulk

The following are the most commonly ordered wholesale custom stickers.

1. Logo Stickers:
Logo stickers are eye-capturing stickers that are shaped like a logo. These stickers can be customized according to the type of business. The best thing about logo stickers is that they are cost-effective and help increase overall market value.

2. Bumper Stickers:
These stickers are used at the back of the car or vehicles. Many businesses use traffic congestion to promote their business or share social messages. These stickers help captivate people’s interests when they are challenged to navigate through the traffic. Generally, bumper stickers are handed over as gifts or tradeshow giveaways, which is why businesses order them in bulk.

3. Advertising Stickers:
This refers to a vast section of stickers used for product promotions. Logo stickers and bumper stickers are also popular types of advertising stickers. These stickers can be customized in any size, style, color, and text and can be used over all types of surfaces.

4. Window Decals:
Window decals have been one of the popular types of promotional stickers used for marketing. They are used over windows to promote different types of business information. For instance, these decals may be used to promote festive offers or inform people about changed opening and closing hours or raise brand awareness.

5. Floor Decals:
These decals are used on floors to captivate the attention of buyers. Enticing people to make a purchase at a store is important. In addition, these decals can be used to distinguish different sections of the market or can be customized with information on special promotions.

Materials Used for Making Wholesale Custom Stickers

The material used for the construction of the sticker adds to its costs and promotional value. Businesses are always keen to invest in materials that offer them the best value of investment without being expensive. Some of the most common materials used for making wholesale custom stickers are.

          • White BOPP:

            This is a white-colored sticker material; thus, the name. The beneficial part of white BOPP is that it is durable and possesses moisture-resistant properties. This is used for making permanent stickers owing to its solid adhesion property.

          • White Vinyl:

            White vinyl is a sticky plastic paper mainly used for outdoor applications like car decals, construction materials, etc. Vinyl material contains permanent adhesive properties and is water-resistant.

          • Polyester:

            Polyester is one of the most popular materials used for making stickers. It is chemical-resistant and is not affected by oils, solvents, water, etc. Moreover, there are different types of polyester materials like bright silver polyester, matte silver polyester, bright gold polyester, etc. Polyester stickers contain permanent adhesive and are ideally used for tinting and creating window decals.

          The aforementioned are only a few popular types of wholesale custom stickers. If you have been considering them for your promotions, you can compare different wholesale prices offered by manufacturers. While doing this, do not forget to compare the quality. With stickers being the most popular promotional materials, you will be surprised to come across various wholesale sticker manufacturers, and PLCTX stands tall among them. The company has been designing and delivering different types of wholesale customer stickers for several years now. You can contact the company experts today to discuss your requirements.

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