What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Labels?

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Labels?

Businesses today, irrespective of their size, product, and other factors, compete to make a mark and attract their target audience. To achieve this, most of them are heavily reliant on their creative labels for packing and labeling. However, it may be challenging for them to come up with new designs and concepts every single day with continuously evolving product lines. This is where custom labels make a significant difference. As the name suggests, these labels feature immense versatility in terms of designs, shapes, and even materials. Custom labels deliver important product information and also help in business promotion and product branding. However, people often make inane mistakes while using these labels, which leads to disastrous results and loss of money. This post discusses the dos and don’ts of custom labels to help you design them professionally and increase their utility as well as durability.

Dos of Custom Labels Explained

There are several things to keep in mind while designing custom labels. The following are some important pointers:

  • Make it Classy and Simple:

    Custom labels are crucial for business marketing, especially if you have more than two or three products. Therefore, it is important to keep it classy and simple as much as possible. Ensure you get an organized label which displays important information, logo, and leaves space for you to mention the product name on your own in a creative way.

  • Choose Quality Material, Graphics, and Photographs:

    The type of material used can have a great impact on its overall appeal. Poor quality of material, graphics, and colors play an important role in drawing the buyer’s attention within a few seconds. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in good quality material and graphics, and color combinations that suit the brand.

  • Utilize A Readable Font:

    Fancy fonts might look appealing. But, if the text to be printed on the label is not in a readable format, these custom labels will not serve any purpose for business promotions. It is very important to choose appropriate and readable fonts and crisp, precise content.

  • Be Specific with the Message:

    Writing lengthy texts on custom labels seems a bad strategy. Hence, it is important to keep your conveying message as short and simple as possible. A precise text along with mandatory information helps spread your business and gain the attention of your target audience.

Don’ts of Custom Labels Explained

There are many things to avoid while designing custom labels. Here are some important pointers:

  • Inappropriate Container:

    Selection of the appropriate container is one of the important steps. By doing so, you will get an appropriate label that perfectly fits your business needs. Inappropriate custom labels can affect your overall packaging look and cost more money.

  • Color Considerations:

    Irrespective of your business type, most of the time, consumers recognize your brand by the color you choose to print on your package or jar. Since color uniformity plays a vital role in business branding, it is important to have press proof before final printing. Color can be identified in two ways – CMYK (the primary colors of pigment) and RGB (the primary colors of light). It is always recommended to design your label as CMYK for the best results. Avoid too many colors and ensure the ones you choose go well with your brand.

  • Spelling Mistakes:

    Consumers can lose interest in your label due to silly spelling mistakes. It will cost you more than one might think. Therefore, it is important to check the content before sending it for printing.

  • Inappropriate Adhesives:

    Although your label might look good, it doesn’t mean it will hold up to use in long run. This can be the result of various factors, and inappropriate adhesives are one of them. The product label comes off when poor-quality adhesives are used. This problem can be solved by using the right adhesive. Using a permanent adhesive would be a great choice if you need labels to stick through in spite of the heat, moisture, or similar environmental conditions.

Now you may clearly know the dos and don’ts of designing custom labels for better durability and utility. Along with all the aforementioned considerations, the quality of custom labels makes a huge impact on the target audience. Therefore, you must consider a well-recognized industry player, who has enough experience in custom label designing. Performance Label Company stands tall among its other competitors. With vast years of market presence and skilled experts, the company offers professionally designed, well-printed, and high-quality custom labels at the most attractive prices. Along with custom labels, you can also get business card labels, business stickers that would benefit your company.

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