How to Select the Right Label Shape for Your Product?

How to Select the Right Label Shape for Your Product?

Labels or stickers pasted on any product or package across sectors form a part of that product’s identity and give out important as well as interesting information about that product. This is in terms of the type of product, brand name, materials or ingredients, weight, price, and so on. While this is statutory information and must be mentioned, a label can also have some interesting facts or attributes about the product. It totally depends on the product type and brand to customize the labels in specific colors, shapes, or sizes. Depending on your product and the size of the jar or packet, you can decide on the shape of the label. They are available in various shapes such as round, rectangular, triangular, oval, and so on. You can check for custom shapes which may be according to the shape of your bottle or jar. This post offers pointers on what to consider when selecting label shapes.

Pointers for Selecting the Right Label Shapes

A label must be effectively designed based on the product because it forms the first impression about that product or brand. This applies across industries or product types. Whether the label is for packed foods or for industrial equipment, it creates a certain perception on the minds of prospective buyers, and hence it must be appropriately designed. While the mandatory and other information on the label is important, label shapes and dimensions influence buyers in a certain way they relate to the product. Hence it is crucial to select the right shape. Here are some pointers for the same.

  • The shape and dimensions of the label must be in line with the product packaging or jar size. It should not be too big or too small.

  • Unlike conventional geometric shapes, some labels may be curved at certain angles or the others may be rectangular with rounded corners. Some may be floral in shape, while the others may represent a raindrop. The list is endless.

  • However, there is a certain impression about a label depending on the industry. For instance, food industry covers a variety of products with different tastes. Most people associate a roundish label with a sweet taste. So, it may be wise to choose a round or oval-shaped label for sweet foods.

  • Labels with bents and angles may be useful for dark chocolates, coffee, or anything largely bitter.

  • Conventional rectangular or square-shaped labels are common with cosmetics packaging. This is also because they mostly come in bottles, jars, or tubes. Also, there is a lot of information that needs to be there on the label including formulation, chemicals, and other ingredients, which may take up space.

  • Certain jewelry brands may have round, oval, or diamond-shaped labels because they look feminine. Also, the information to be printed is relatively lesser than cosmetics. Round labels are also quite common for perfumes.

  • Most medicines have rectangular or square-shaped labels as there is a lot of statutory information to be printed.

  • Whatever your product is, you can take cues from these pointers and analyze how you want your label to be.

  • Some products have tapered bottles, and here you can customize the label according to the shape.

  • Customizing your own label is a great idea. However, ensure you can fit all the required information there and also make it creative. It must represent your brand and attract users to read itself.

Are you looking for custom or unique label shapes for your product? Do you need to paste them on plastic bags or containers? If yes, ensure you source these labels from an experienced label manufacturer who can customize them for you to suit your exact requirement. Ensure you share your requirements with them and ask them for a sample before they make the labels in bulk. Performance Label Company (PLC) offers a variety of labels in various shapes and sizes. They can customize these labels to suit your specifications.

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