Tips to Create Effective Business Cards – Part 1

Tips to Create Effective Business Cards – Part 1

Earlier, business cards were considered as an effective marketing medium and an unavoidable marketing resource. However, the importance given for business cards has slowly started waning with the introduction of several other marketing tactics and techniques. But, many of us are not aware that business cards can increase a company’s sales by nearly 3%. Surprised, isn’t it? A 3% increase in sale is definitely is not a less margin. So, why these cards are thrown out in the garbage within a few weeks of their usage. The reason is mostly that of their dreary design! No one really likes to hold something that looks cheap and adds no value to their daily life, isn’t so? Here comes the relevance of designing business cards brilliantly keeping useful information at its right place. This post discusses various tips to create effective business cards.

 Design Tips to Create Effective Business Cards

First and foremost, one must aim to create a card that is unique. Think out-of-the-box and design a card in a fantastic way. The following design tips will surely help to represent your business, your mission, and yourself.

  1. Planning: It is quite obvious that you have researched the prospects of your success while setting up a business. In a similar way, you need to do some groundwork before designing business cards. Understand what is stunning and new in the market. Examine the business cards that you find around. Make use of the Internet and explore out stunning templates that are available for free.
  2. Information on the Card: Once you are done with the brainstorming session, the next is a real challenge i.e. setting the contact information on the card. The customers would like to communicate with you in several ways. So you have to decide on which contact information must be projected in the card and how to present it. As per your preferences, set the following information neatly and precisely on the card.
  • Name and title
  • Company name and logo
  • Phone
  • Email id and URL
  • Social media
  • QR Code
  • Address
  • Map
  1. Tagline: Printing just the contact information won’t benefit you much! What else? There is something like Call to Action or Tagline that tells why the customers should do business with you. A few examples of the taglines are ‘The Friendliest Bakery in Town’, ‘Transforming you Better’, ‘Get Unlimited Access’, and ‘Lets s Start a Project Together’, and so on.
  2. Photos/Illustrations: Adding photos/illustrations not only improves the aesthetics of your business card but also helps to communicate a message effectively where words fail. You can add an illustration of the best work you have done for your client or can add a cartoon caricature of the products/services you offer.
  3. Medium to Print: Same as the information on the business card, the material which it is printing is also a matter of concern. Prefer something unconventional than the usual flimsy paper. You may choose the following types of materials:
  • Recycled paper
  • Textured paper
  • Metal
  • Food grade

So far we have discussed the importance of making business cards attractively rather than sticking to conventional designing. We have also discussed 5 ways to improve the design of the business card for better usability. In the next post, we will discuss the rest of the design tips to make the business cards more appealing.

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