Linerless Labels: Why You Should Invest in Them?

Linerless Labels: Why You Should Invest in Them?

Pressure-sensitive labels have been around for several years now. They have been an integral part of branding and promotion for businesses of all sizes. With advances in printing technologies and increasing awareness on eco-friendly promotional materials including labels, a new type of pressure-sensitive label is gaining popularity – linerless labels. How are these labels different from pressure-sensitive liner labels? Read the post to know more about these trendy labels.

Linerless and Liner Labels – Know the Basic Difference

A pressure sensitive label may appear as a simple adhesive label; however, it is made of several parts. It features a facestock for printing information, an adhesive, and a liner. The liner is silicone coated, and sometimes, these labels also use a dispensing agent for application. As the name suggests, linerless labels use no liners, and they are self-adhesive types. These labels are coated with an adhesive at the back, which securely grips to the surface where they are being placed.

Linerless Labels – 7 Reasons Why They Are in Vogue

Linerless labels are no different from regular labels, except for their non-liner backing. However, they have several benefits to offer. The following are a few prominent ones among them:

 1. Produce Less Waste:

Liners on the regular pressure sensitive labels are known to take up half of the space, which leads to waste of the roll. As there are no liners on the roll, more labels can be fit onto it.

 2. Save on Manufacturing Times:

The production of a linerless label is easier than its liner-based counterpart. There is less number of label rolls to replace on the manufacturing line, which speeds up the manufacturing process.

3. Helps Maximize the Value of Investment:

As there will be fewer liners and more labels on every roll, one can easily make the best use of investment. There will be more labels in a box as compared to standard labels, which will help cut down the shipping costs. How? The liners add to the weight of the roll, which leads to high freight costs. However, labels rolls without the release liners are lightweight, and they hence incur lower freight costs than regular rolls.

4. Cut Down on Disposal and Janitorial Costs:

Standard labels with liners generate lots of waste and they require regular disposal due to cleanliness and safety reasons. However, here you can save money on janitorial costs or waste disposal because there are no liners to gather from the production or janitorial areas. Also, they help keep the work area clean and clutter-free.

5. Contributes to Safer Work Areas:

Silicone coating on standard labels is slippery, which may cause a risk of slip and fall accidents. Working with linerless labels is safe because there is no slippery coating at its back.

6. Possess Same Shelf Life as Standard Labels:

As mentioned before, the release coating is positioned at the back of linerless labels for better adhesion. The release coating prevents the adhesive from sticking to other labels in the roll. It also protects the label from moisture, UV, and chemicals, which contribute to the shelf life of the label.

7. Green Alternative to Standard Labels:

What makes it a green alternative? Liners create waste as one cannot reuse or destroy them. According to various studies, every year 370K tons of liner waste is dumped into landfills in the US. So, if liners are reduced, the waste generated will be less. Also, standard labels use a silicone release agent, adding to the silicone waste which is difficult to recycle. So, users and manufacturers both can reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.

Owing to all these reasons, linerless labels have emerged as a smarter and leaner labeling option over standard labels. They are widely used for labeling food and pharmaceutical items, personal care products, and retail promotions. If you are considering them for your next project, it is important to get them customized from a reliable manufacturer. PLCTX is one of the well-known manufacturers of linerless & standard labels in the US. The company specializes in wholesale label printing services and assures the fastest turnaround time on customized labels and stickers.

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