An Introductory Guide for Static Cling Labels

An Introductory Guide for Static Cling Labels

Static cling labels are quite popular these days. You will see them literally everywhere, windows, walls, car windshields, etc are often decorated with these decals. These static cling labels are non-adhesive types of stickers. They use no adhesives and are often used over surfaces like glass, finished surface walls, plastic surfaces, etc. This feature makes these stickers very easy to apply and certainly stain-free. This is what makes these static decals highly popular these days. However, before using such stickers, you should know everything about it. That is why this introductory guide offers all the information about static cling labels that you need to know.

Introduction to Static Cling Labels

The static cling labels are self-adhering decals. These decals need no adhesive to adhere to the surface. Owing to the adhesive-free application, these decals can be applied on smooth surfaces without any hassle, and also removal is quick and clean. Having no sticky adhesive, these decals can be removed quickly and they leave no stains on the surface. This quality makes these labels very easy to place and replace. Also, these labels are printed on both sides. Therefore, they act as double-sided solutions for transparent surfaces.

Working of Static Cling Labels

The working principle of these cling decals is very simple. The label works on the principle of air pressure and molecular bonding. As the static cling labels are applied on the smooth surface, the surface finish of both the objects i.e.; the applied surface and sticker surface attract each other due to the natural bonding ability of molecules. Since these cling labels are made from materials like acrylic which offers an excellent and fine surface finish, the attraction between the molecules of application surface and sticker surface is high. As the molecules attract forming a bonding force, the air between both these surfaces is removed. Further, the atmospheric pressure forces the cling label on the surface which makes it stay intact on the surface.

Now that the static cling labels are introduced and their working is discussed, let us discuss their scope of application.

Applications of Static Cling Labels

The scope of application for the cling labels is versatile. Here are a few common applications of these labels.

  • Advertising:

    The advertising companies utilize custom printed cling labels to promote their clients. They often apply these stickers on office windows, company vans, etc.

  • School Events:

    Cling labels are an excellent choice for school decorations. They can be used to promote occasions such as prom nights, annual sport events, and so on. The best thing is that these stickers can be removed effortlessly once the events are over.

The same goes for corporate or family events.

  • Warnings Display:

    These stickers are used to display a warning on glass surfaces. Application of these cling labels on the enclosures of electrically operated equipment, chemical-exposed surfaces, etc, is certainly beneficial.

  • Offers Display:

    Many small or large businesses like bakeries, clothing stores, retail stores, etc offer limited period discounts and purchase offers to attract clients. Cling labels make excellent short-term solutions for promoting these offers. These stickers can be removed and replaced once the offer changes.

No matter for which application you choose static cling labels, the quality is essential. The quality stickers can sustain for a long duration. That is why you should buy these labels from reliable suppliers like Performance Label Company (PLC). The company offers various sticker solutions, static cling labels are one of their highly demanded products. They can custom print these stickers too.

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