How to Order Custom Labels Online in 7 Steps

How to Order Custom Labels Online in 7 Steps

Labels, as we all know, do more than organize our systems. If designed properly, they can help in beautifying the product and increasing sales. Many custom label manufacturers are now providing the facility of ordering labels online. Generally, a lot of time and money is invested in placing an order by visiting the sales offices of label manufacturers.

One needs to take advantage of this convenient service in order to benefit in terms of time and money spent. This is an extremely useful service for both the first times as well as repeat customers.

Placing a Custom Label Order in 7 Simple Steps

Anyone can place an order irrespective of whether you have shopped online before or not. The simple steps mentioned below should help you in placing an order.

    1. Ink Color
      The ink color you choose will affect the quality of the print. The color consistency in your design and label is greatly dependent on the color process you choose. After choosing the color system, you can also choose the number of colors you would want your label to feature. All of this will have a direct effect on your overall cost.

    1. Label Size
      According to the product and the design created beforehand, choose the size of the label. You will have to provide your preferred dimensions in (height × width) format.

    1. Label Shape
      Choose the shape of the label. The commonly used shapes are:

      • Butt Cut
      • Rectangle
      • Circle
      • Special
      • Oval
      • Computer
      • Sheeted

    1. Adhesive
      The type of adhesive you need will vary depending on the application. You can also opt for a label without any adhesives. The types of adhesion generally available are:

      • Permanent
      • Freezer
      • Removable
      • Ultra-Removal
      • Repositional

    1. Lamination & UV-Varnishing
      Depending on the application and the environment, you can choose for the labels to be laminated and UV-varnished.

    1. Shipping
      Once the design details have been inputted, you can choose the type of shipping that is suitable. The shipping will vary according to the type of label and your budget.

  1. Payment
    Now you can choose the payment method suitable for you. Most websites accept payments via credit cards, internet banking (bank account), and even cash on delivery.

You can place an order once the artwork has been designed and is ready in the correct format. Many companies will print and ship your custom labels in less than ten working days. At an additional price, you can also opt for the products to be delivered to you in three days.

Ordering custom labels online is a simple process. It helps de-layer and simplify the ordering procedure. If you have any doubts or require any assistance regarding order placement, you should contact the company via their customer care number.

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