Everything You Want to Know About UV Varnish Labels

Everything You Want to Know About UV Varnish Labels

Printed marketing materials are an integral part of any marketing strategy. They help create many business opportunities, as well as allow a business owner to make the best first impression on his prospective clients. The information in this post may interest business owners looking for ways to enhance the visual appeal of their printed marketing kit.

Here, the focus is on the benefits of UV varnish labels. These labels will help them spruce up the visual appearance of their marketing kit, and invite the attention of prospective clients.

What makes a UV varnished label unique?

A UV varnished label features a glossy UV coating, which renders a shiny appearance to any printed material and protects it from weather elements.

 Benefits of UV Varnished Labels

Ultraviolet varnished labels have several advantages over other choices such as aqueous coated, or plastic laminated labels. The most important benefits are mentioned below:

  • Versatility: A UV coating works best on the thicker paper surface, and can be applied to all frequently-used marketing materials. These marketing materials may include your full-color booklets, flyers, business cards, flyers, catalog covers, sales sheets, etc.
  • Brilliant Appearance: The UV coating enriches colors, and imparts a professional look to the marketing material. This, in turn, sends a message to a client that the company is capable of delivering the best. Thus, clients will feel comfortable working with a company that looks professional in the first instance.
  • Durability: The UV coating will improve the service life of a frequently handled marketing material. The ultraviolet coating offers great resistance against weather, UV light, abrasion, sweat, and other weather elements. The longer your marketing material serves, the more they can earn you leads and appreciation.  In short, the UV coating makes your marketing material fade-resistant and reliable.
  • Clarity: The UV coating enhances the clarity of the printed matter and makes the details stand out for easy perception. The UV coated logos and photographs will contribute to your brand recognition.
  • Environment-Friendly: The coating material used over these labels does not emit any volatile compounds on curing with UV rays.

Thus, you can use a UV coating to make your graphical elements and business information stand out with clarity on flyers, business cards, brochures, and other marketing material. No doubt, UV varnish labels will shoot your brand recognition to new heights.

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