The Remarkable Benefits of Custom Shipping Labels

The Remarkable Benefits of Custom Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are important products, as they contain important information regarding shipments. Generally, standard shipping labels are created to meet the needs of shipments with even number of boxes. However, this can be a problem for suppliers who are moving shipments with an odd number of boxes. To solve this specific problem, label manufacturers have devised a simple yet unique solution – custom shipping labels.

Custom shipping labels are designed to meet the unique shipping requirements of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Also known as duplex shipping labels, they can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the needs of the customer. Specific materials can also be used in their manufacturing, so that the information on the labels are always protected, irrespective of external environment factors.

What is the Importance of Custom Shipping Labels?

The importance of these labels can be best understood with an example. A shipment consists of 20 components. However, the delivery request is to divide this shipment into three packages. This means that two packages will have seven components each, while the third will have six components. This can be an issue when creating and generating shipping labels in bulk.

Creating specialized shipping labels will allow suppliers to add the calculation according to the requirement. They can be printed with the required quantity beforehand, and delivered a few weeks before the shipment has to be transported. This will allow the supplier to apply the shipping label with the right quantity to the package.

What are the Benefits of Duplex Shipping Labels?

The benefits given below will help understand why it is fortuitous to choose custom shipping labels.

  • The shipping information and the packing list are printed on one label. This eliminates the need to create two separate labels for the list.
  • They can be designed with a protective plastic covering. This eliminates the need for a separate plastic pouch.
  • People are able to find the packing list more easily.
  • As they are designed as one single label, the packing list will never get folded or damaged.

RFQ custom label

At Performance Label Company (PLC), we offer our custom shipping labels in sizes up to 10 X 15ʺ. Customers can choose from a variety of shapes, including circle, oval, square, and rectangle. Generally, our single rolls consist of 1,000 labels. However, we can extend the number of labels to meet a client’s requirements. Log onto Performance Label Company to know more about how our shipping labels can support your business.

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