6 Common Mistakes in Custom label Manufacturing: Part 1

6 Common Mistakes in Custom label Manufacturing: Part 1

Label making is not easy, especially when it comes to custom label manufacturing. Every project is different with respect to others with variance in artwork, colors used, and information printed. Owing to these complexities, there are chances of committing several mistakes unknowingly even by experienced label manufacturers. This post aims to discuss some of the common mistakes that a manufacturer often commits while making custom printed labels. Avoiding these mistakes lead to the production of custom labels as per the expectations easily and quickly.

List of Possible Mistakes

Label manufacturers should pay utmost attention to detail while customizing labels of any kind. Thus, the likelihood of the following mistakes can be avoided to a great extent.

  1. Mismatch with the Application: Several labels manufacturers commit the mistake of providing labels that are actually pre-designed for other labeling purposes. This is not done especially when it comes to custom label manufacturing. Just think how a normal-sized label fits for a container that has contours? It will look so awkward and stand out. Hence it is important that the label should be the right fit for the application in terms of size, shape, width, colors, and artworks used, among others.
  1. Artwork Mistakes: Artwork may vary between different projects. Good artwork helps improve the overall aesthetics of the label. However, this is the area where the possibilities of mistakes are more. The following are the most common artwork mistakes committed by custom label manufacturers.
  • Missing fonts
  • Improper image resolution
  • Blurred images
  • Off colors
  • Spelling and typo errors (e.g. double space between words)
  • Missing bleed and clear zone
  • Hard to print color mixes
  • Missing graphics/links
  • Designing artwork in unsupported software format
  1. Wrong Material Selection: The main advantage of custom labeling lies in the freedom of creating labels using several materials. However, as some manufacturers do, it is not advisable to use cheap and low-quality materials for the sake of saving money. Selecting the cheapest material isn’t always the right decision, but may lead to premature damage.

In this post, we have discussed the first three commonly committed mistakes when creating custom printed labels. In the next part of this post, we will discuss the rest common mistakes.

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