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Label Lamination

Labels can be laminated prior to numbering, but not after numbering.

Used for added protection against scratching and weather. Adds a nice gloss to your custom label. Most durable and crystal clear.

Inexpensive, good protectant, not recommended when covering large dark printed areas.

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Enhance Visual Appeal of CD's and DVD's with Quality Custom CD and DVD Labels

CDs and DVDs have become an integral part of our daily lives. Today, DVDs are used for everything from entertainment to educational purposes. This signifies their main role as a data storage device. DVD labels help users organize their movies, albums, TV shows, files, and more. These labels are secured to the disc, and enable easy identification. Performance Label Company (PLC) provides a vast variety of CD and DVD labels. These reliable labels help in creating differentiation and easy identification of various discs.

Types of CD and DVD Labels Provided by PLC

We provide the following types of CD and DVD labels for various industrial purposes:

  • Corporate Labels: We help clients build brand recognition with printed corporate labels. These labels will allow them to capture the attention of prospects during sales meetings. They can also stick the labels over discs, which are provided with press kits.
  • Commercial Labels:Various types of CDs and DVDs are produced for commercial purposes. These DVDs may have educational and formal data. We can provide labels that mention the content of those DVDs and CDs.
  • Neon Labels:Retro fashioned neon labels are in trend. We provide neon labels for labeling movie or gaming CDs and DVDs.
  • Holiday and Occasion Favor Labels:Customized photo CDs and DVDs make ideal and priceless favor gifts for holiday parties, birthdays, milestone birthdays, and weddings. We help our clients build theme-based labels with words, colors, or photos of their choice.

Benefits of CD and DVD Labels from PLC

Why PLC? Following are the benefits of our labels that will provide an answer to this question.

  • Enhanced Printing Capabilities: Be it any occasion, purpose, or event, we can deliver the labels in a short time span. Our designers work in close collaboration with clients to create labels that best suit their requirement.
  • Quality Labels: Given the nature of diverse storage and working environments, we always take care to provide labels that are long-lasting. We provide waterproof labels that can withstand the rigors of daily life. Also, our labels are easily removable, and allow writing with a permanent and temporary marker.
  • In-Depth Understanding of Colors and Styling: Our in-depth understanding of color schemes for various occasions allows us to create labels that will help clients differentiate their CDs and DVDs from others.
  • Personalization Possibilities:We support clients in personalizing their labels and matching them with their branding, holiday, or occasion themes. They can decide their own colors, wording styles, designs, and information placement. We can create a customized CD and DVD labels from scratch.


Material Type Semi-Gloss, Gloss White, Vinyl, Clear, Die Cut
Shapes Round, Oval, Square, and Rectangle
Ink/Printing Method Digital, Fanfold, 4 Process Color, Sheeted, Laminate, Ultraviolet, and Flexographic Printing
Laminate and Adhesives Gloss White, Matte Litho, Fluorescent, Silver and Gold Foils, White Vinyl, Polyester, Tyvek, Semi-gloss, Laser-Rite, TL-2 (Tire), Brown Kraft, Trans Therm 2, Thermal Transfer Multitherm
Die Selection Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Sheeter, and Tamper-proof Dies
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Color Options 7 spot colors, and 4 process colors

You can transform a plain looking CD and DVD into an appealing gift or resource reference with any of our CD and DVD labels. We can provide the labels in designs and quantities that meet your labelling requirements and suits your budgets. We have earned a market reputation for fast turnaround times, and best bulk order prices. Customers can Request for a Quote, Request for a Sample, or Place an Order. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us

Performance Label Company Free Plate Offer
Performance Label Company Free Plate Offer
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