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PLC’s name is prominent and stands out in the market due to a rich portfolio of labels that are made to the highest quality standards in par with a wide range of customers’ expectations. Amongst our exclusive product range, fanfold labels are the most highly purchased one as they provide you with maximum printability and reliable error-free scans. The category of labels that feature ultra-white, high-print contrast facestock is largely used for labeling products, barcoding and part bins.

PLC’s fanfold labels offer many advantages than their rolled counterpart in many ways such as:

  • They are designed to stack easier; thus uncomplicated and trouble-free printing is possible than their roller counterpart.
  • They take less storage space than thermal transfer rolls since they are intelligently and structurally packaged in packs.
  • They do not have to be loaded frequently like rolled labels.
  • They feature a permanent general purpose adhesive, which is not in the case with their roller counterpart.
  • They lie flatter than rolled labels, this ensure easy and quick printing.

PLC Fanfold labels, which are folded in an accordian style, are used extremely for high volume-high speed applications across industries. Also they are largely purchased for:

  • Address Labels
  • Box Mailing
  • Carton Packaging
  • Hazard and Warnings
  • Production Information
  • Warranties and ID

Whatever is your size and material requirement for fanfold labels, consider it is done at PLC. With a meticulous support of experienced employees and cutting-edge technique and machineries, we have been successfully meeting varied requirements of customers from multifarious industry sectors.

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