Understanding the Digital Printing Process

Understanding the Digital Printing Process

Digital printing is the process of printing a piece of paper with a certain design using a computer. A special printer is connected to the computer to transfer the colors from the machine onto the paper. This process is quicker and more efficient than other printing processes like litho and offsets printing.

However, if not performed well, digital printing could end up being less economical. Hence, you need to find the right digital printing service provider to ensure that your order is delivered on time, is cost-efficient, and features high print quality.

Print Quality

The innovations in digital printing technology have allowed the development of machines, where the quality of the digital print is as good, if not better than offset printing. Digitally certified papers need to be used during the process of digital printing.

Time Taken

The process of digital printing is a lot quicker compared to offset printing. Since digital printing does not require the use of plates or mixing of inks for the printing process, it is a faster process. This process is ideal for small and large orders. Digital printing can be used to print a single piece of paper as well as large quantities.

Scope of Personalization

The entire print can be customized according to the client. Right from the layout and design to the textual messages, the scope of personalization is very vast. You can easily change the colors and tones while printing. Since a computer is used to operate and control the process, the editing process is much more simplified. Changes can be made at the last minute while the printing process is in operation. Some digital printing machines can also provide special effects to the printing. These effects include using white ink, an embossed effect, invisible ink that fluoresces under UV light, and much more.

Other Factors

Some digital printing machines have been developed that can bind the material in-line during the production process. This makes the process extremely cost-effective and efficient.

Digital printing is an extremely useful process to print the exact colors. With the lack of add-ons like plates for printing, it is a quicker process aimed at improving efficiency. There are several reasons to opt for digital printing. The flexibility in terms of print quantity, ease of changing the color and design, time is taken, and many other such benefits have helped tip the scales in favor of digital printing.

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