PLC – Wholesale Seller of Neat and Professional Computer Labels

PLC – Wholesale Seller of Neat and Professional Computer Labels

The name Performance Label Company (PLC) is prominently known in the marketplace as a leading wholesale provider of a wide range of computer labels. These labels – otherwise known as pin fed or continuous computer labels – are manufactured keeping in mind international quality standards. They are available in three color options: White EDP, Yellow EDP, and Ivory EDP. They can also be provided in different patterns for varied industrial use.

Notable Features of Computer Labels

Pin fed labels from PLC are known for their high adhesive properties and fine finishes. They are reliable and economical solutions to increase point of sales visibility. The following points add to the popularity of our computer labels.

  • Manufactured with regularly spaced holes along the sides. This allows them to easily feed through printers.
  • Can be customized with extra strong adhesives to cope with the demands of large mainframe printers.
  • Available in different sizes and widths to incorporate a company logo, address, or any other information.
  • Manufactured utilizing quality tested raw materials. Hence, will permanently stick and stay without curls or discoloration.
  • Can withstand moisture, oil, grease, and chemicals.
  • These are fan-folded labels, hence are compatible with dot-matrix printers.
  • Guaranteed to provide optimum printing efficiency and clarity of print.
  • Impeccable resistance to wear and tear.
  • Available in both fan-folded or rolls according to your requirements.

At PLC, we customize computer labels according to your demands. We have a team of skilled labors and advanced manufacturing equipment to custom design pin fed labels as per the client’s specifications. Primarily meant for product identification, these labels are available at affordable rates from PLC. Whether you use them for postal purposes, inventory control, or asset tracking, PLC computer labels are guaranteed to provide long-lasting service.

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