Roll Labels: A Few Important Questions Answered

Roll Labels: A Few Important Questions Answered

Roll labels make a popular label choice for businesses that often ship their products most often. These labels are ideal for higher unit quantities, and are versatile. In addition to packaging, these labels are used as stickerbombs, giveaways, and surprise gifts. As they are ordered in bulk quantities, the labels are affordable, and make a great giveaway option for businesses that operate on a shoestring budget. So, what makes these roll labels so interesting? Can I use roll labels for office decoration? These are some of the general questions that people have in mind when they hear about these labels. This post aims to answer these questions and more.

Roll Labels: Things You Must Know About Them

There are two types of labels – sheet labels and roll labels. The roll labels are the ones that are printed on rolls. However, sheet labels are the ones that are printed on sheets. There are several interesting features of roll labels, which make an ideal label choice for most businesses.

  • You can avail these labels in various material options. The following are a few common ones among them.

    • Clear Roll Labels:

      These labels are made of BOPP material and stand out over any surface displaying your logo. If you plan to use white ink for printing log, this label can be the best choice.

    • Foil Roll Labels:

      These labels are usually printed on silver or gold foil and make a fantastic gift choice. You can customize these labels with your logo and other brand information before handing them out during the next tradeshow or office event.

    • Matte Roll Labels:

      Generally, these roll labels are chosen to promote any sensitive information such as best before date, flavors included, or calories offered, and so on.

    • Paper Roll Labels:

      Printed on different types of paper, these labels may not survive long and are prone to tear and damage. However, they make a great giveaway item and free swag.

    • Writeable Roll Labels:

      As the name suggests, these labels are offered plain, and you can use them to share some sensitive information. Generally, manufacturers or suppliers use them to share information regarding flavors, scents, best buy dates, etc.

  • Roll labels are stickier than sheet labels, and feature strong adhesives. Due to this reason, they are perfect for decorating several items in the office.

  • These labels can be easily printed in regular inkjet printers, and they come in various sizes ranging from 0.01 ” to 8.5″ and larger.

  • There is a misconception that roll labels cannot be shaped as a logo. However, that is not true; they can be die-cut, or contoured to the shape of your logo.

  • Like sheet labels, these labels can also be availed as perforated labels, but many manufacturers need you to place separate orders for perforated labels. The perforated labels are easy to tear off, and they make a good choice for tradeshow giveaways, where your teams may be busy attending people and convincing them to try your product or service.

  • Sheet labels and roll labels are ideal for different surfaces. Roll labels are perfect for flat surfaces such as cardboard boxes or paper bags, whereas sheet labels are suitable for curved surfaces.

If you plan to invest in these roll labels, ensure you source them from a trusted manufacturer like Performance Label Company (PLC). The company offers product labels, shipping labels, barcode labels, and others in roll and sheet formats. You can get in touch with the team at the company to discuss your labeling requirements.

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