Learn About Standard Sizes of Labels and Their Selection Tips

Learn About Standard Sizes of Labels and Their Selection Tips

A clear and appealing label is one of the essential requirements of product packaging. Although a label may look simple, it plays a vital role in brand promotion and customer attraction. Choosing the wrong label size can be a huge disaster for any business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or an established business; nothing can be scarier than customers turning to discard your product lined on the shelves of department stores due to poor presentation. It is important to choose the right label size to attract customers to your brand and business. What are the standard sizes of labels? How to choose the right label size for your product? Read this post to know answers and more.

A Few Popular Standard Sizes of Labels Discussed

Today, it is quite easy to find labels in different shapes and sizes. However, not all labels may work for your business. The following are a few standard sizes for your consideration.

    • 1.8.5″ x 11″:

      This is the most standard letter size in the US. It is common to see labels of this size in schools, offices, stores, and various commercial organizations. These labels are also known as letter-size labels, and you can buy letter size label sheets in any size and any amount.

Uses of Letter-size Labels:

The letter-size labels are ideal for printing legal and school labels, as well as product labels, shipping labels, and address labels. You can print the packing list or invoice on the same label as the shipping label.

    • 2.8.5″ x 14″:

      This size is the legal size sheet and is slightly longer than the regular letter size. Legal-size labels can be availed in a selected number of configurations, including 4.25″ x 14″ half-sheet and 4″ x 6″ full sheet. These legal labels can be availed in many material options, which is another reason for their popularity.

Uses of Legal Size Labels:

It is used for printing posters, signs, and banners.

    • 3.297 x 210mm:

      The A4 size label sheet is popular label sheet size across the world. This size is much similar to the letter size, with the only difference being that it is longer and a little skinner than the earlier one.

Uses of A4 Size Labels:

These labels are more ideal for printing shipping labels for international shipping. Does that limit their application in commercial applications? No, you can use these labels for printing packing lists and shipping labels for shipping anywhere within the US. In some countries, these label sizes are preferred for printing product labels, lever arch labels, and so on.

    • 4.12″ x 18″:

      This is the ANSI size label, and is usually preferred for advertising, large runs, and so on. Many label manufacturers offer these labels with back slit options. These back slits are usually made on the label’s inner side and enable easy peeling.

    • 5.11″ x 17″:

      It is referred to as ledger or tabloid-size depending on the orientation. This size is not offered by all manufacturers, so are ideal for specific industrial applications. These labels can be availed in a variety of shapes, including rectangles, ovals, and full sheet options.

Uses of 11″ x 17″ Labels:

These labels are used to create banners, signs, and presentations.

Tips to Find the Right Label Measurement

By now, you may have learned about different standard sizes of labels. However, that is not enough. The label must be chosen after careful consideration of different factors. The following are a few factors that you need to address while choosing them for your application.

  • Surface Area Available for the Label:

    If you plan to use the label on the bottle with a taper or any other similar surface with an odd shape, you need to be careful about wrinkling. Always take care to measure the label away from the tapered area.

  • Measure the Label Corner Radius:

    The labels may come with a corner radius. A Corner radius helps improve aesthetic appeal of the label or to match the product’s shape or application where the label is to be used. So, measure the label corner radius such that it doesn’t cover the important information.

  • Wrap a Paper Around Your Container:

    This is the simplest way to find the right label size. You can easily find paper sizes or label sheet sizes mentioned in this post. You can wrap them around the product or surface area and trim them till you get the right label size.

Choosing the wrong label would mean the labels are not properly adhering to the product’s surface, leading to wrinkles. So, it is important to measure the label dimensions before buying them. If you are unable to make the right choice, it is wise to partner with a trusted manufacturer like PLCTX. The company specializes in standard and customized labels and stickers. The experts at the company can guide you regarding the right label size based on your requirement.

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