A Comparative Account of Stickers and Decals

A Comparative Account of Stickers and Decals

Stickers and decals are quite popular and known to all. You can find them everywhere from product shelves to plastic containers to windows and doors at shopping malls. These stickers are used for advertising and information exchange. Although both these types feature adhesive backing, stickers and decals differ in their design and purpose. It is said that all decals are stickers; however, not all stickers are decals. This post guides users to some obvious differences between these two types of stickers.

Stickers and Decals – A Few Similarities and Differences Decoded

Owing to their popularity, today, it is easy to find stickers and decals in different specifications. However, when it comes to buying them, it is important to understand their differences and similarities. The following pointers would help you understand it better.

  • Layers:

    One of the key differences between stickers and decals like in their layers. The stickers are made of two layers – the decorative layer with sticky adhesive on its backside and a paper that is on the back of the adhesive to protect it from dust. This paper is peeled before sticking the sticker on the products. However, decals possess three layers – a decorative printed paper that we see, the transport paper on the back, as well as decal.

  • Purpose:

    As said before, it is quite common to see stickers and decals everywhere. Stickers are usually used to print special graphics and logos, while decals are used for advertising on walls, windows, or vehicles. Depending on the use, stickers and decals can be sized accordingly. Generally, stickers are smaller than decals. However, their sizes may be decided according to the surface or application. Going by their application, it can be rightly said that stickers are designed for indoor use and decals are designed for outdoor use.

  • Quantity:

    Large decals are usually ordered in fewer quantities because they are only applied to windows, floors, walls, and vehicles. Also, due to their size, the cost of printing decals is higher than stickers. Against this, stickers are ordered in large numbers because they are applied to most small products and are sometimes handed out as giveaways. This makes them more affordable than decals.

  • Shelf Life:

    Decals have a stronger adhesive than stickers because they are applied to somewhat rough surfaces. Generally, decals are designed such that they can withstand moderate temperature variations for short durations and may last for up to three years when regularly used outdoors. However, stickers are designed for use over small surfaces, so usually they have less strong adhesives. Surprisingly, a quality sticker can last longer, for up to eight years.

  • Construction:

    Typically, stickers are printed or cut from vinyl. However, decals are made of clear polyester or offered as printed vinyl. It is common to find vinyl cut decals, too. The decals are printed using latex inks or eco-solvent printing process. When using latex inks, thermal color printers are used for printing.
    After knowing these differences, the right choice of stickers and decals would depend on your application requirements.

If you are looking for product or brand promotions or giveaways, then stickers are the best choice. For showroom promotions or car promotions, decals are a better choice. If you wish to invest in a sticker or a decal, it is important to invest in a quality product. After all, you may not be looking for short-term advertising, isn’t it? If the answer is no, you must source your stickers and decals from trusted manufacturers. Performance Label Company has been one of the leading providers of customized stickers in the US. The company provides a comprehensive range of customized stickers to choose from.

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