4 Ways Wholesale Printing Allow Resellers to Remain Competitive

4 Ways Wholesale Printing Allow Resellers to Remain Competitive

Reseller printing is the new buzzword in the printing. Today, you will come across various printers who distinguish themselves as leading printing resellers. Who are they? These are the printers who outsource their printing to a third-party printer. This means resellers don’t have to indulge with everyday printing problems, instead, they can focus on delivering the best artwork to their customers. Wholesale printing is another advantage that helps these resellers to stay competitive. How? Read this post to know more.

4 Benefits of Wholesale Printing for Resellers

Here are the 4 ways in which resellers can stay relevant in the niche that is highly competitive.

      • No Investments Required: Resellers can conduct their business with a high-speed internet connection anywhere in the world. They don’t need to worry about machinery or logistics because both are maintained by the wholesale printer. All they have to do is focus on great artworks that will make a big impact on a client’s business.

    • High-volume printing at Low Prices: As the name suggests, the term wholesale printing usually depicts large volumes sometimes up to 10,000 prints. Low price is the major benefit of this type of printing. At low quantities, a single print may cost $1 USD or more, however, the same may drop down to $0.05 -$0.10 USD per copy for large volumes. This is because a printer can make a profit due to the high volume of orders. Most wholesale printers employ either of these two methods for printing that enables them to keep the prices low.

        • Offset Printing: An image is first printed on a plate, then transferred to a rubber mat, and finally pressed on the desired paper. The plate can be used for an innumerable number of prints. This means the only cost that the printer has to bear is for paper and ink.

        • Die Cut Printing: This printing is performed using a steel cutter, which is designed as a die. This cutter is made so sharp that it can be used through several printing projects. Most printers decrease their costs by creating dies of the common sizes and shapes that can be easily reused.

    • Diverse Offerings: It is logical to ask “how a printer can offer more without owning single printing equipment”. Reseller printing allows a printer to utilize the capabilities of wholesale printing company (they have tied up with) and offer diverse products right from business cards to banners. This allows a reseller to become a preferred printer of their client due to unbeatable product varieties, prices, and product range offered.

    • Less Stress: Wholesale printing companies enable resellers to do the quick ordering, conduct artwork checks, and provide white label delivery to their customers. All this allows resellers to enjoy great profits with less stress.

All the above advantages of reseller printing have given rise to the tribe of reseller printers. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale printing company, to begin with, you can consider PLCTX. The company provides wholesale printing of stickers and customized labels for individual and industrial uses.

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