Why Choose Adhesive Labels for Tires?

Why Choose Adhesive Labels for Tires?

When it comes to labeling tires, adhesive labels are the right solution. There are numerous factors that accounted for the popularity of adhesive labels. These reasons are delineated in this blog.

Adhesive Tire Labels – Reasons for Their Popularity

Tire manufacturers and warehouse supervisors prefer adhesive labels to tag tires as they:

  • Can be either applied permanently or temporarily, depending on the customers’ application requirements.
  • Can be customized using a variety of glues. For example, adhesive tire labels can be coated with water, rubber, or acrylic based glues. The type of adhesive can be chosen based on the conditions in the application areas, and the intended service period.
  • Are compatible with inkjet or laser printers. Specifications, including temperature grades, traction, load index, and maximum load ratings can be easily printed using printers. The specifications can also be handwritten on the labels.
  • Can be customized in a wide array of colors (fluorescent colors, and pastel colors), styles (crystal clear, matte clear, gold foil, silver foil, glossy white) and shapes (circle, square, and rectangle) as per your precise needs and budget.
  • Can resist heat, abrasion, water, oil, and other harsh hydrocarbon solutions.
  • Are suitable for brand promotion as they exhibit fade-free, durable, and non-staining attributes.
  • Can be easily removed from the surface, leaving no marks on the tires. Temporary adhesive labels can also be designed for short-term usage.

Adhesive labels are made to withstand demanding industrial conditions. They ensure easy product identification, whilst providing valuable information that a customer wants to know about a product.

custom label

Collaborate With a Reliable Manufacturer!

Find out a manufacturer who is an expert in customizing adhesive labels. Let him know your specific requirements. He/she will suggest the right type of adhesive to be applied to your label, including recommendations on the latest design options.

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