Top 5 Creative Ways to Employ Your Business Stickers

Top 5 Creative Ways to Employ Your Business Stickers

Business labels and stickers have been around since the 20th century or much before. All these years, they have never lost their charm, instead, their popularity has grown manifolds. When we think of offline advertising, stickers are the first thing that comes to your mind. You can use them in diverse ways to make your brand stand out. Added to this, these stickers also offer you lots of flexibility, which is rarely available with other forms of marketing. A lot has been said about the promotional benefits of stickers. Perhaps, many of you may be already using them for promotions. However, this post looks at a few creative ways to use these stickers for business promotions.

How to Use Stickers Constructively for Your Brand Promotions?

Do you know many times people also get bored of dull stickers? This means the stickers may end up in dustbins. Do you want that to happen to your brand? If no, the following are a few creative ways to make them stand out in the crowd as well as make people realize their potential value.

  • Use Them on Promotional Gifts:

    It is a human tendency to remember a thoughtful gift and a person who hands it. So, if you are a business participating in a tradeshow or community events, you can hand out small promotional items like water bottles, stress balls, and umbrella with stickers prominently displayed over them. Perhaps, you can experiment with different styles to make them stand out. Another idea is to hand out promotional carry bags with stickers on them. People who receive these small gifts with attractive stickers on them would retain them for several years.

  • Gift Them to Kids in Amusing Manner:

    Do you know most parents get drawn to businesses that can amuse and entertain their kids? So, even if you deal with a more serious thing like automobiles or electronics, it is still worthy to hand out customized stickers to kids who step into your store with their parents. You can perhaps try different message variations and designs that would not only amuse kids but also enthrall their parents for a long time. Creative stickers will always find a place over kids’ study tables, wardrobes, or other prominently visible areas within the home. This will remind all viewers of your brand.

  • Place Them At The Doors:

    This is not a new idea, still, it works. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that everyone will notice any regular rectangular, circular, or square-shaped stickers vying for their attention from glass doors. Perhaps, you can use these stickers for promoting sales at your retail store or for sharing some important information. Also, this must be done creatively so that people notice them and also remember them whenever they step in step out of the store.

  • Employ Them for Sharing Concern and Educating People:

    Do you know many businesses are nowadays using business stickers for sharing their concerns and educating people regarding coronavirus and other important things? People love businesses that care for them. So, you can employ these stickers at your offices, during community events, or during any other social events where people notice them. Perhaps, you can also hand them to people dropping in your store. You can experiment with messages such as “How to Keep Coronavirus at an Arm’s Length” Or “How to Say No to Corona”, and so on.

  • Offer Them as Giveaways with Product Orders:

    Food marketers were the first to pioneer this trend! Now many are following the trend. The best thing is any business can follow this trend. Owing to advancement in printing technologies, today, business stickers can be printed in any shape. For instance, doctors treating kids can customize these stickers in the shape of crawling or sitting baby or medical stores can stylize them as medicine bottles, and so on. Creatively shaped business stickers are always loved and sometimes retained for several years.

As said before, there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to using business stickers creatively. However, you must source these stickers from a trusted brand if you wish to ensure their longevity and popularity with shoppers. This post ends by letting you know of Performance Label Company, which is one of the wholesale manufacturers of business labels and stickers in the US. The company provides a variety of business stickers including custom stickers, bumper stickers, custom decals, and so on.

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