How to Make an Impact with the No-Label Look?

How to Make an Impact with the No-Label Look?

In today’s cut-throat competition, companies are leaving no stone unturned in order to differentiate their products from their rivals. The emergence of “no-label look” has gained popularity in many industries, due to the presence of extra flair and elegance it offers in various products. In this look, the label’s surface must match the container’s background. These labels can be used on a vast range of materials, which include cosmetic bottles, food product labels, oil change decals, window decals, and more. The more clarity a label possesses, the more is the appeal of the product. How is the no-label look achieved? What are its benefits? Read this post to get every detail about this label.

What Materials Do You Need to Achieve No-label Look?

There are several materials, which help in achieving a no-label look with clear stickers and labels. Some of them are discussed below:

  • PP films: Polypropylene films presents a clear no-label look on stickers and labels to be used on rigid containers. This improves the appeal of the product.
  • Raflex Pro: On contour shaped containers, Raflex Pro offers a high quality, no-label look. It also offers chemical resistance and stability in tougher conditions.
  • Raflex MDO: These are machine direction oriented polyolefin films suited for thicker width bottles and squeezable containers. These films and labels are available in clear and white having RP74 adhesives.

Types of Adhesive Used with Films

For obtaining the no-label look, various films such as PP, Raflex Pro or Raflex MDO must be used alongside a water whitening resistant adhesive and a clear liner. Some types of adhesives are mentioned below:

  • Primary no-label look – RP37
  • Medium no-label look – RF37
  • Superior no-label look – RP74
  • In beverage containers – RP76E

Key Benefits of No Label Look

Some key advantages of the no-label look are mentioned below, which make them applicable in diverse products.

  • The no-label look of stickers and labels gives the package a premium look as if the letter and images are printed directly on the bottle.
  • Metallic embossing is the advancement in modern labeling systems. It helps in giving a luminous effect and an impressive look at the labels.
  • It is a quite precise and fast process in comparison to the printing or coating process applied to foils, bottles, or any glass products.
  • Using transparent labels or stickers help view the materials from the outside. Also, it gives the product a sleeker and attractive look.

The increasing trend of no label look in containers and bottles is slowly creating a buzz in the consumer product industry. More the clarity of the no-label look more is the visual appeal of the product. Do you want to differentiate your product by giving it a trendy and attractive no label look? It’s time you approach an industry expert like PLCTX. The company offers several options for achieving an attractive no-label look. PLCTX excels in various printing techniques of digital labels and providing quality customized labels and stickers in the shortest turnaround times.

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