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Custom Labels Give Your Products a Distinctive Identity

The function of custom labels is indicative of the name. They are customized labels that are designed to suit special needs in various commercial and industrial arenas.

Pros of Custom Labels
How do customized labels help? Well,

  • People (read customers) can immediately identify your product/s from that of your competitors and attract them, thus increasing sale. hence they are great for image building
  • If you are using for personal use like labeling home made products, they give them a distinctive personality
  • They are great marketing tools, if they are used judiciously (with superior paper and printing quality)
  • They give you long term business benefits/results

Indeed, these are the most economical marketing tools that give sustainable results. Due to their huge demand in a varied range of commercial sectors, various printers have come up with the most innovative options that work great according to your specific requirements.

Types of Custom Labels
You can get customized labels in a wide range of options today, as per your choice. If you are one of those who prefer vibrant colors then you can go for decorative pieces that attract customers’ attention instantly. The same applies to the quality of paper that you want to be used, as well as the type of adhesive that is to be used. And most importantly, you get them printed in bulk quantity for great economical benefits. Since, they are feature products; they must be printed with great deal of professionalism. The commercial segment uses these labels to give a boost to their product, and create brand awareness. You can also get labels that are used to describe in detail the product like ingredients used, batch number, manufacture/expiry date as well as directions for use (at times).

Techniques Used to create Custom Labels
With the widespread use of these labels by various organizations these days, different printing houses have come up with different types of labels that use a myriad range of techniques. While there are labels that are created and produced by using coral draw techniques, there are others that make creative use of adobe illustrator, Photoshop and dream weaver etc. You can also get a staggering range of label designs for your customized stickers. Most of these personalized labels are made using full color CMYK/PMS (Pantone Matching System) printing process for greater quality.

Availability of Custom Labels
There are many different printing houses that offer custom labels online these days. This make getting personalized labels just a breeze. If you are creative, then you can also sketch the one you want, and send it to a designer for further composition. However, always take care to maintain a fine balance between your design and the prevalent industry standards for the best results. Ensure that your product labels are tailor-made to adhere to your brand ideas and product specifications.

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